Thursday, 8 May 2014

Writing for a purpose

We published our story. Our story was about mum. Mum was our word of the week and it was going to be mothers day. We wrote our story so Mum could read it. We have been learning that we write for a purpose. The purpose of our story was to tell Mum something we like about her.

"I wrote a story about my mum. I wrote it because she will like it. Writing is easy for me."


mum said...

I love my mothers day story from you PJ! I did buy you a DVD didn't I, called 'The Lorax' that was for trying hard every night with your words. Writing is still a bit tricky, but you are trying. Keep it up xxx

Mrs Bovill said...

I enjoyed reading your story about your Mum.

Nan and Pa said...

Wow Pj I loved reading your story.It was very well done and interesting.Keep up the good work.From Nan and Pa