Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Recognising contractions

I am learning to recognise contractions. I had to circle the words that were contractions. I circled 'I'm' because it was a contraction. I saw the mark next to the 'm' and I know its short for 'I am'. This was easy for me but sometimes I call these words compound words. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Acrostic poem

We are learning to write an acrostic poem. We wrote about spring. It can be tricky to spell words. We enjoyed writing something for each letter. We had to think of a word that started with S, P, R, I, N, G and we had to start our sentence with this letter.

Mrs Bovill typed the stories for us and we helped her publish them. We got to choose a colour for the capital letters, the font and we helped choose the size so our page was full. Our poems look awesome!

We are so proud because Mrs Bovill thinks they are fabulous and we wrote great stories. We are proud because we are poets.

“I was proud when I did the right thing. I like my poem. It was tricky to remember to do each letter of the poem.” PJ.

Spring blossom

Look at our spring blossoms! First we drew the branch going across the page. We coloured our branches using pastel. We made the blossoms by scrunching up tissue paper and gluing them onto our trees. We then made a little bee or butterfly to go on our picture. We sketched our picture and then drew it on our plastic film. Mrs Bovill then cut them out and we glued them onto our picture.